Welcome to DHOROLA GROUP!! DHOROLA GROUP Limited is one of the leading diversified business conglomerates of Bangladesh. Our fundamental promise is ‘Touching Lives… Building Capabilities…!’ The honorable Founding Chairman and Managing Director A.KM. Abu Raihan (M.B.A) had established the organization in the year 2021. The core strength of our organization is rooted in our capacity to gather the resources to complete infrastructure projects on a grand scale ( funded by Word Bank, ADB, JICA etc.) thus demonstrating our ability to bear the initial risks associated with such projects and proving our sustainability throughout the long development periods. Over a successful period, DHOROLA GROUP has not just developed a wealth of experience in infrastructure and development project arena in order to meet the international standards of quality and services, it has also become the bottler of Coca Cola, the producer of number one ice-cream brand Igloo, Igloo milk and dairy products, Igloo food items and snacks, manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, maker of auto bricks, bitumen and other selected construction materials. All these strategic units are established with a view to leveraging the strength of the parent company as well as to contribute to the national economy with an intention of generating employment opportunities for fellow citizens. Even though, DHOROLA GROUP began as a family owned business, it has transformed into a multi disciplinary modern day business group delivering value to our customers. As such, our priority has been to focus on building capabilities to infuse strength and character in our people, our business partners, associates and stakeholders resulting in robust and dynamic growth of the establishment. Our 10,000+ talented and highly skilled workforces are the rock bottom of our strength and long-term success. Hence, our policy requires that we take responsibility for ensuring their safety and security as well as safeguarding their health and welfare. We also take great pride in contributing to the community and society as a whole through active corporate social responsibility and engagement. Our ultimate focus therefore, is to use our valuable resources in order to create value-added products and services, which would contribute to the economic, social and environmental progress and prosperity of Bangladesh. Altogether, we aim to lead by paradigm and to learn from everyday experiences; we set our endeavors to high standards for our people at all levels and consistently meet them.